Mom accused of slashing 5-year-old son's throat

March 17, 2012 8:06:38 PM PDT
A Montgomery County child was in the hospital in critical condition Saturday night and his mother was behind bars after authorities say she attacked him.

Magnolia police were called to a home in the 100 block of Roy Street near F.M. 1488 just after midnight Friday for a welfare check on a child.

According to police, the child's father called 911 after he returned home and found his son covered in blood and unresponsive.

When authorities arrived, five-year-old Michael Spurlock was lying on the living room floor.

According to investigators, the child's throat had multiple lacerations and was sliced from one side to the other. Officials said he also had a crushed chest and severe head injury.

Michael's mother, 45-year-old Daphne Spurlock, told investigators she was reading the Bible with her son when she realized he was possessed with demons.

Police said she stomped on Michael's head and chest, crushing him. They said she used a large kitchen knife to cut his throat from ear to ear, and then she stabbed him repeatedly as he lay helpless on the floor.

Spurlock said she was trying to release the demons from his body.

Michael was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital for extensive emergency surgery.

Spurlock is charged with attempted capital murder. No bond has been set.

Investigators said Spurlock's husband was in shock when he found his injured son.

"He did arrive yesterday afternoon, saw the child was unresponsive. She informed him that she was trying to get the demons out of her child. He left the residence and contacted us," Magnolia Police Department Det. Brian Clack said.

Magnolia police and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office are investigating this case.

Neighbors like Wade Scott are now having a tough time dealing with the gruesome details of the abuse the little boy suffered.

"Oh, I just couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe it at all," Scott said. "They was real Christian church people. You know, churchgoers. But I couldn't see that [happening]. I couldn't think nothing like that because they go to church all the time."

Spurlock even used her Facebook profile as a place to worship, adding daily religious scriptures and dozens of photos.

While authorities believe the mother hurt her child, the woman's family says it could not be true.

"I don't see how it happened. I couldn't see my mother doing it at all," said Channtera Gresham, Spurlock's 25-year-old daughter.

Gresham said she is convinced police have the wrong person in custody.

"My mama is a loving person. She never hit us out of anger. She never would do that," she said.

Beverly Latham heard that her sister claimed she was trying to rid her son of demons, but Latham said that's uncharacteristic of her sister.

"I know my sister would never hurt her children," Latham said. "Never."

Even a family friend -- Mary Smith, who raised her children alongside Spurlock's -- says police have the wrong person.

Smith said authorities need to investigate what happened between Spurlock and her husband, David, before Michael was found in that near-death state.

"Being a mother, I haven't slept all day since I heard this. My nerves have been bad. I could not sleep," Smith said.

Spurlock's family is searching for a lawyer to help them fill in the blanks left open by police. They admit they don't know exactly what happened in that home overnight, but they say they're willing to do whatever it takes to find out.

As for little Michael, family and neighbors are praying the child pulls through.

"He's a fun little guy. Fun little guy," Scott said. "Always happy."

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