Bee hive stolen from Haven restaurant over the weekend

March 13, 2012 7:48:21 AM PDT
Workers at a Houston restaurant are left dumbfounded after a strange theft. Honeybees and their hive are missing...and they didn't just fly away.

Haven chef Randy Evans explained how bees help pollinate the Meyer lemon trees at the restaurant the Upper Kirby district; that is, until the entire hive was stolen from his restaurant's garden early Saturday morning.

"Someone had to know what they were doing. They came when it was dark, cold and raining, the most inactive time for bees," said Evans.

Surveillance video captured a truck rolling into Haven restaurant's parking lot just before 6am. The truck drives off 90 seconds later, taking the restaurant's green beehive along.

"That's crazy. I don't know what you would do with a beehive," said one customer with whom we spoke. "Who would do that?"

Beekeeping is growing in popularity around the country. But local beekeeper John Berry says he's never heard of anyone stealing hives, especially since there are inherent risks.

"You can steal it without knowing what you're doing, but you'd be in for some problems," Berry said.

For the beehive to be removed successfully, it would take at least two people.

Evans just wants the hive returned, so his garden and customers can both benefit from the bees.

"Why would someone take a beehive? It's not like a monster pallet with a ton of bees," said Evans.

Houston police are now looking at the video, and have opened an investigation.