Spring family gets to keep pet kangaroo

A family in Montgomery County gets to keep their kangaroo

March 2, 2012 2:50:58 AM PST
A family who was ordered to give up their kangaroo by their homeowners association has been given a reprieve.

The Dreis family lives in the Estates of Legend Ranch in Spring and is raising a red kangaroo named Mike. The family wants to use Mike at a facility to help provide education and vocational training to disabled adults.

In the meantime, Mike is living at the home in spite of homeowner's association rules. The Dreis' daughter has Downs Syndrome is very attached to the pet.

The HOA ordered the kangaroo out last week.

'The lady said, 'Too bad. You have to get rid of him' and was very cold. And I said, 'Too bad. We're not getting rid of him,'" said kangaroo owner Jenifer Dreis.

The HOA relented and is planning to meet with the family today and implied the kangaroo can stay.