Threatening message found at Cy Creek High School

Sky Eye HD was over Cy Creek High School Tuesday. Inside a girls' restroom, a threatening message was found.

February 28, 2012 3:10:27 PM PST
A letter went home with students of a Cy-Fair ISD high school Tuesday, alerting parents to a threatening message found on campus.

The district says the threatening message was found inside a stall in the girls' restroom at Cy Creek High School. But they say they are investigating, and taking every precaution, especially in the wake of this week's Ohio school shooting.

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Below is the letter that went home with students:

    To the Cy Creek Community,

    It has become necessary to send this communication out as a response to a recent rumor that has been circulating since last week.

    This rumor originated when someone supposedly commented on a Facebook post about a generic message written on a restroom wall regarding a shooting that would take place at school on March 1. Supposedly, the message was non-specific and did not mention names. When the Cy Creek administration became aware of the rumor, every restroom in the entire building was searched and nothing was found.

    Harris County Precinct IV and the district security department were notified. The school administration and our constable were involved in interviewing students who had heard the rumor. Again no names were implicated and nothing was substantiated other than the rumor itself. The Cy Creek staff was notified about the rumor and informed that it was unsubstantiated. I wanted the staff to have accurate information to help address the rumor. Today a similar message was found in a girls' restroom stall. It was photographed by students and is circulating around. It is believed to be related to the supposed first message (possibly a copy cat) and is being investigated as well.

    Due to the tragic events in Ohio and media coverage, we want you to know that this rumor has been investigated and is unsubstantiated. Unfortunately, schools are defenseless against mediums like Facebook. It is also human nature for these types of rumors to go viral, taking on a life of their own. Even though we cannot control rumors, we can certainly assure you that the environment at Cypress Creek High School is well monitored and your student's safety will always be our primary concern.

    If you see additional security on our campus on Thursday, please know that we continue to strongly believe this is a rumor, but want students to feel safe. Please share this information with your child and let him/her know that counselors or assistant principals are available if they need further assurances.

    Respectfully, Jim Wells