Houstonian finds big success in big booty business

February 10, 2012 3:58:39 AM PST
Have you ever heard about a business idea and thought, 'Why didn't I come up with that?' Well we have the story of one Houston mom who was struggling to make ends meet until she hit on something big -- really big.

When Pippa Middleton emerged at her sister's royal wedding, wearing that form-fitting dress, suddenly the rear view took center stage.

"It's not so much that she had a larger rear end; it's just the way her hourglass shape looked in that dress," said Jessica Asmar, owner of feelfoxy.com.

The booty business boom began. Women all over the world were flocking to the fledging Houston-based website, feelfoxy.com.

"It improves their shape and their balance. It just gives them very strong confidence boost," Asmar said.

You see, Asmar doesn't just sell an image, she sells padded panties. They're garments meant to give you what wasn't there before.

"I just didn't feel proportionate because my chest is much bigger than my rear and so sometimes I feel uncomfortable in my jeans so I wanted to get some padding to help me feel a little more confident about wearing jeans," customer Lee Carrier said.

"I've actually gotten, 'Did you get a haircut?' 'Did you do something different?' which is so funny because this is up here and this is down here and it's like, 'No I didn't get a haircut,'" customer Meghan Mirt-Kelner said.

The idea of feelfoxy.com came about as Asmar and her husband were struggling with a growing family and growing bills.

"With a baby we decided to get on food stamps, get a little bit of government assistance. I'm a person who believes in hard work and not taking handouts. It was really rough for me to say, 'Oh gosh, we need this extra help,'" Asmar said.

She decided to start a business that could bring in a little extra money, while she stayed home with the kids. After borrowing $1,000 from her mother-in-law, she launched this strange new line.

"I'm holding the Biniki Butt bra. This was the first product that we ordered and started our company with," Asmar said.

Seven years later, that $1,000 investment has grown into a million-dollar business. And that Biniki Butt bra has been replaced by more than 130 enhancement underwear.

There's also the Silicone Padded brief, which is kind of heavy. Another type offers a much more light-padding. Or if you want that certain look, you can choose the "Pippa" or even the "Beyonce."

Courtney Creekmore is the operations director of Feel Foxy and everyday more orders come in from around the world.

"I love when, you know, when we get return phone calls or emails and women will say I got my product and I love it," Creekmore said.

"My biggest goal would be to educate other women who don't feel good about their backside to know it's OK, millions of other women are doing this everyday and you just don't know," Asmar said.

One thing she does know: helping women change something small has helped her change something big.

"For something that seemed impossible to become a reality, I think that happened because I believed in myself and I worked really hard to make it happen," Asmar said.

Prices for the Feel Foxy line range from $20 to $48. The next goal for Asmar? Finding a warehouse so supply can keep up with demand.