Search for Montrose area burglar who uses doggie doors

January 26, 2012 3:52:28 PM PST
A burglar squeezing into a doggie door to get his loot was caught on a hidden camera. And this isn't the first time it's happened in one local neighborhood.

It's happened at least twice in the past few weeks around West Gray and Montrose. But one has now been caught on camera.

Unfortunately, it wasn't Dolly the dog using the door designed just for her on Wednesday, rather a man with ulterior motives.

"He put his arms through here, and pushed the other part of the doggie door through and basically just knocked it out," said Ruth Woody.

She still can't believe a burglar squeezed through the doggie door in her Montrose home. But the security cameras captured it all -- the man going in and then leaving with a pillow case stuffed with an iPad, a camera, and jewelry.

"I wouldn't have thought you can easily do that," said Jennie Beech.

And it has happened before. Just down the street at Beech's home, which was also burglarized through the doggie door last month.

"He came in through the doggie door, and pretended nobody was there, and grabbed easy to grab items, like laptops and an iPad," Beech said.

A police report has been filed, but the homeowners are also active on the internet, posting the security images on social media sites like Flickr and Facebook. The idea is that the more people see it, the better chance the bad guys can get caught.

"The pictures were remarkable, and we're hoping one by one we can pick these guys off and make us feel less safe and uncomfortable," said Viula Torgerson, "Heights Life" blogger.