Save cash, turn black dress into three outfits


"I am looking for New Year's, I have something flashy here," shopper Tessa Aguilar said.

Aguilar is trying on three different dresses for several events she is planning on attending in the next 10 days.

"I probably will buy three different dresses," Aguilar said.

But not so fast, says stylist Stevie Bingham. She says you can actually wear the same little black dress you probably already own to all your holiday events.

"We are talking about a Christmas party. We are talking about church services on Christmas Day and we are also talking about New Year's Eve. How can we make this dress go three ways?" Bingham said.

First, she starts with a basic black dress, something like a Jersey-knit fabric.

For church service, Bingham picks this Chanel-like tweed jacket and adds layers of pearls for an extra level of sophistication.

"What I would want to do is stay really conservative, you are going to want to cover your shoulders," Bingham said.

If you don't have a tweed jacket, choose a cardigan.

"It's really about mixing and matching and using your wardrobe," Bingham said.

The next look is the Christmas Eve outfit, which is perfect for a family Christmas Eve dinner.

Bingham layers a fur-trimmed cardigan with the same little black dress, but the key to making this outfit pop are the shoes!

"It's really about the shoe and the fur collar and leopard is still very in, so if you have a leopard shoe, that would be a way to put it together with something conservative and black and plain," she said.

Finally, it's the New Year's Eve night outfit! For a more conservative, mature look, Bingham adds a metallic jacket but she is not done.

"Jewelry is a must for New Year's Eve," Bingham said.

She layers on several bracelets for an even more festive look.

For a sexier New Year's Eve night out, Bingham removes the jacket and adds a big statement necklace and sparkly shoes.

After all the looks we created, Aguilar is now rethinking her outfits.

"I do think that is a good cost savings, especially this time of year; you are spending so much on your family, you're getting gifts for your friends, family, we are going through the recession and we are trying to be budget conscious so I definitely think that is a good idea," she said.

You can find all the accessories, shoes and clothes we featured at JCPenney. Right now, the store is clearing house and all our items were at least 30 percent off.

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