Texans fans anxious to buy playoff tickets


The hottest ticket in town is to a game that does not even have a date yet. Before the Texans can sell out their first ever home playoff game, they have to print the tickets first.

Pete Porcarello made certain he will see the Texans in the playoff. As a season ticket holder, Porcarello paid for his post-season seats before the December 15 deadline.

He said, "This morning I watched the news and I said I better get down there and get my tickets."

Porcarello says he paid $1,000 for eight playoff tickets, but he does not actually have the tickets in hand. That's because the tickets have not yet been printed.

Season ticket holders get the first chance to buy the playoff tickets. After December 15, the Texans will know how many tickets can be sold to the general public.

Texans fan Heather Meyer plans to get those tickets when they become available.

"I will do what I can to get them," she said.

Even though the tickets are not printed yet, ticket brokers say you can reserve your playoff seats through them right now.

Kayla Ramsey with Midtown Tickets explained, "I have had a lots of people come in and sell me their playoffs, and say look, you want to pay off this invoice? I can't afford it."

How much will playoff tickets cost? If you buy from the team, a pair of tickets in the lower level around the 35 yard line will cost $150 per ticket. On the resale market, the price for those seats is already nearing $500 each. A seat near the 50 yard line already commanding much more than that -- about $1,500 to $1,600. Some fans say whatever the price, they will pay it.

Meyer said, "I need to go into my 410k and pull some money out."

The Texans say if there are extra playoff tickets available that do not go to season ticket holders, the tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster. We will let you know as soon as we hear when the seats go on sale.

We don't yet know how many tickets will be released to the public, but not every seat in Reliant Stadium is held by season ticket holders, so it is possible several thousand could be available to the general public.

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