New colic study could offer babies, parents relief


Babies with colic can cry for three hours or more per day. Usually colic starts at about three weeks of age and is gone by three months. But during that time, it's brutal. Whatever you do, it seems nothing will console the baby or relieve parents' frayed nerves.

"It was real bad. She was crying a lot; too much," said mother Rolanda Gamble.

UT Health researchers are convinced the inconsolable crying is caused by gastrointestinal pain. So their scientists are testing two formulas they believe will give babies some relief. One has a probiotic, which is a type of lactobacillus bacteria, while the other is a hypoallergenic formula.

"Is the immune system a problem or is it really a milk allergy? And this will help to show," said Dr. Marc Rhoads with UT Health.

The UT Health researchers are confident they're on the right track for giving colicky babies some relief.

"Within one to two weeks, definitely this treatment could help," said Dr. Rhoads.

Besides seeing less crying, researchers will measure relief by testing the baby's GI bacteria. They also test the baby's breath to see how much hydrogen is present. The study is open to more babies with colic.

"We provide with formula, there's a financial incentive for coming and there are only four visits to the clinic," Dr. Rhoads said.

Baby Damarilyn liked the formula and if the study helps pinpoint a colic treatment, it could make life with a new baby more pleasant for the entire family.

Parents of newborns -- if you need a break, you can enroll your newborn into the UT Health colic study and get free formula too. Just call the UT Health Colic Clinic at 832-525-2617.

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