Some Texans season ticket holders required to buy playoff tickets


The personal seat license is a way to guarantee season ticket holders get the same seats year after year. But if you have a PSL, you must buy the playoff tickets or face losing the pricey perk.

One look at Mario Celestino's restaurant and you know without a doubt he is a Texans fan.

"We are ready to buy our Super Bowl tickets right now," said Celestino.

As a season ticket holder, he has seen the ups and downs of the Texans. As a personal seat license holder at Reliant Stadium, he is now being offered a chance to see the biggest games in the history of the franchise. For the first time ever, the team is selling playoff tickets and Celestino is buying.

"Even when you decide to get season tickets, or even if you don't, this is what you go for, the team made it to the playoffs, it is the main goal. Well I take that back; it is the second main goal. The main goal is wining the Super Bowl," Celestino said.

He and all other PSL owners are getting this notice from the Texans about playoff tickets. Along with the good news, two things PSL owners might not know -- they are required to buy the playoff tickets per the terms of their personal seat license, and if PSL owners say no, they could lose the PSL forever.

The team is selling tickets to two potential home playoff games. If you have a pair of personal seat licenses in the lower level around the 35 yard line, you are being asked to pay $150 per ticket to both games.

Nick Ware has a personal seat license at Reliant Stadium and while he wants to see the team in the playoffs, Ware says paying for those tickets right now could be trouble for some.

"It is obviously going to be worse for some people," Ware said.

Ware plans to buy the postseason tickets and must pay for them in full by December 15. If the team does not make the playoffs, the money would be applied to next year's season tickets.

The Texans say the practice is standard around the NFL and that it's an NFL requirement that playoff-contending teams send out invoices with around five to six weeks left in the season and begin collecting payment. The league also dictates much of the pricing structure for all playoff tickets.

The team also says if season ticket holders have any questions, they are urged to call the Texans.

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