Ex-UH star attacked by HPD officer upset with punishment


Former U of H basketball star Michael Young says he has a lot of respect for police and the work that they do in spite of what happened to him. But at the same time, he feels the punishment placed on Officer Brenton Green doesn't go far enough.

"Right here. Right on the top of my head," said Young.

Two days before Christmas, Young says Officer Green clubbed him with a nightstick as he struggled to get his son out of a crowded shoe store.

"Whenever he hit me the first time, I fell forward and I was turning to see who had hit me and he was getting ready to hit me again," Young said.

He immediately filed a complaint with HPD's Internal Affairs division, claiming Officer Green hit him for no reason.

Back in April, he sued the city alleging that his civil rights were violated. Young and his attorney were happy when they recently learned the complaint against Green was sustained, but outraged to hear that Houston's police chief suspended him for 20 days.

"The police chief needs to send a message, a strong message, and say this person should not be on this police force," said Young's attorney, Reginald McKamie.

Young, who serves as Director of Basketball Operations at U of H, says he respects authority, but believes in this case the punishment sends the wrong message.

"Two weeks. Like I said before, that's a paid vacation," said Young.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland says the punishment was tough enough.

"Mr. Young and his attorney have seen the IA investigation. From the facts and evidence presented to me, I think the 20 days I gave officer Green was very sufficient for what we were able to prove," Chief McClelland.

We contacted Green for a comment and are awaiting a response. Green, so far, is not facing any criminal charges. The federal civil rights case against him and the city is moving forward.

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