Survey ranks cost of school zone fines in Houston area

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August 17, 2011 9:51:02 AM PDT
Using a hand-held cell phone while driving in a school zone in Pearland will cost you more than in any other southeast Houston city, according to a survey by Allstate Insurance. And if you speed through a school zone, it'll cost you the most in Shenandoah.

Eighty police departments around the state were surveyed, including 15 in the Houston area, to find out the average cost of a traffic ticket for both speeding and using a cell phone in a school zone.

For cell phone use in school zones, the average fine in the Houston area is $221, according to the survey. Pearland averaged the highest cost citation at $327, which also matches the highest fine in the state.

Below is a list of the communities surveyed:

    Pearland $327
    La Porte $322
    Tomball $322
    Conroe $268
    Missouri City $227
    Shenandoah $222
    Bellaire $205
    Lake Jackson $205
    Rosenberg $202
    Houston $200
    Humble $200
    Sugar Land $196
    Baytown $170
    Galveston $125
    Texas City $120

As for speeding in school zones, the average cost of a ticket for drivers going more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit was $209. Fines in Shenandoah were the highest, followed by Bellaire and Houston.

    Shenandoah $272
    Bellaire $250
    Houston $250
    Baytown $226
    Sugar Land $226
    Galveston $222
    Lake Jackson $220
    Humble $205
    Missouri City $204
    Conroe $201
    La Porte $201
    Pasadena $180
    Pearland $175
    Rosenberg $160
    Texas City $145

Just something to keep in mind as you see those school zone signs.