Man accused of punching baby daughter twice

HOUSTON CPS says the girl is now with a rehabilitation hospital. Doctors say her recovery could be long, if not permanent.

Looking over the charges against their grandson, Anna and Tony Coffman say they simply don't believe it.

"He didn't do that," said Tony. "We kept the baby sometimes. He did not do that."

But investigators sees Adam Coffman, 20, differently. They say on May 27, he was in his west side apartment when he grew frustrated with his daughter's crying.

"The investigation by the police revealed that the defendant had struck the child at least twice in the head and he was angry because of her crying," said Donna Hawkins with the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Child Protective Services notes the child was not just beaten, but also malnourished, weighing just 12 pounds.

"The complainant was a 7-month-old baby girl," said Hawkins. "Since the incident, she's suffered several strokes. She may be blind and may have permanent disabilities from this. All we can do is hope she gets the best care and treatment possible."

Police arrested Coffman on Thursday. Afterwards, several relatives came to his defense.

"That's my nephew," said Coffman's uncle. "I know he didn't do anything like that. He loves kids. He has a child of his own. So all that stuff they're saying or trying to pin on him, that just isn't true."

Coffman is charged with injury to a child. Bail has been set at $50,000.

CPS says the little girl will likely go to a foster care service specializing with kids with disabilities once she's released from the hospital. Coffman has another child, a toddler, with another woman. Investigators say that child lives with the mother, and don't believe he's in any danger.

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