Police nab alleged DEA agent impostor


The victim we spoke with said the suspect was a smooth talker and caught her off-guard. The woman spoke with us to make others aware. She says he flashed a badge and a gun, said he was a DEA agent and then robbed her.

After almost three weeks of beating herself up, one Katy mother is very relieved.

"I felt stupid. I felt like an idiot, I'm like, how could I have fallen for that?" she wonders."I feel a lot better since they caught him, I do."

She is one of three female victims, according to court documents, who believed what John Matthew Gosch had to say on March 23.

The woman, who asked that we not identify her by name, had just left a pharmacy in southeast Houston when he approached her.

"He showed me a badge and he had his hand on his gun. He said that he was with the DEA undercover and had I been to more than one pharmacy in this month and I said no and he said I need to see your prescription and driver's license so I thought he was a cop and I handed it to him," she said.

But before she even thought about what had happened, she says he was gone with her medication and her driver's license.

Houston police believe he had done the same thing to two other women at a pharmacy in southwest Houston. All three were able to identify him, they say, in a photo lineup.

We went to the address listed for Gosch in court documents, but the woman at the home in Alvin denied knowing him; however, she acknowledged he had been arrested.

"I'm usually smarter than that," the mother said.

This woman was happy to help and vows to never fall for anything like that again.

"I hope that he does get convicted for this and that he spend some time behind bars and gets to think about what he did and was it worth it," the mother said.

Gosch has been charged with two counts of impersonating a public servant, but HPD investigators believe there could possibly be more victims.

Anyone with more information about this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.

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