Firm, committee move to quash Clemens subpoena

March 18, 2011 3:43:35 PM PDT
A law firm and a congressional committee that both investigated the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball are fighting former pitching star Roger Clemens over access to evidence they gathered against him.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the firm that produced the Mitchell Report filed motions Friday to quash Clemens' subpoenas. Clemens wants to see the material they collected accusing him of using steroids and human growth hormone to defend himself in a criminal trial.

Clemens testified before the committee that he never used performance-enhancing drugs during his 23-season career. But prosecutors charged him with lying.

The firm says most of the material Clemens is seeking is covered by attorney-client privilege. The committee says its evidence is protected by the constitutional separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches.