Drug-fueled violence paralyzes Mexican city

February 28, 2011 4:23:06 PM PST
There's been more violence and bloodshed in Mexico. Over the weekend alone, 14 people were killed in three attacks in bars and nightclubs. Armed gunmen kicked in the doors and opened fire.

One of those attacks happened at a bar in the crime-ridden border city of Juarez, a place that has become the most murderous city in the world. Recently, we returned to Juarez and witnessed just how drug-fueled violence has paralyzed this city.

Years ago, one pedestrian walkway into Mexico used to be crowded with people. Today, there's hardly a soul in site. The reason is because Juarez, Mexico, just across the U.S.-Mexico border, has become the deadliest city in the world.

This is the image of Juarez drug violence and scattered, bullet-riddled bodies.

"It's scary. It turns on a red light for everybody," journalist Ramon said.

Ramon is a journalist in Juarez, where nearly two dozen of them have been killed by the cartel.

"There's a saying that sums that up, 'Journalists in Juarez stay alive because of what we don't say,'" he said.

You can't help but feel nervous walking this city. The cartels have forced others to shut down and scared away all foreigners.

"Juarez is becoming a ghost town in a certain way. This place was known for its nightlife, for people visiting. You no longer have that," Ramon said.

What you do have are plenty of Federales and weapons.

The city has become so dangerous, so deadly, the city has been divided up into sections, zones, taking watch over each area, making sure cartel doesn't do its deadly damage.

By nightfall, although police are everywhere, the drug violence doesn't stop; nearly 100 people have been killed just in the past week.

The killings have brought out street preachers everywhere and are forcing many to just get out.

Our Eyewitness News crew walked its way across the border because its driver simply didn't feel safe in doing so.

It's clear, hardly anyone feels safe anymore in this city. It was the same a reason our crew, too, headed for the border.

Last year alone, there were 3,500 murders. This year, they're in line to actually top that figure.