Surveillance video released in alleged robbery

February 9, 2011 4:47:34 AM PST
We have dramatic surveillance video as part of an update to our top story from Monday night. Police say the video of a violent robbery involves Joaquin Carlon and his brother, Esteban Carlon. Officers say the brothers stole a car and ran over an innocent woman and her husband at an Humble Walmart two weeks ago.

The next day, just down the street at Deerbrook Mall, an Humble police officer shot and killed Esteban as he and Joaquin were allegedly breaking into vehicles. Investigators say both brothers were there that day, breaking into parked cars when officers spotted them. As they were fleeing, one officer banged his gun against their window and it accidentally fired, killing Esteban.

Joaquin Carlon turned himself in last night related to the Walmart case. He also has a previous violent robbery conviction, as well as two auto theft charges.

Carlon is now charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. His bond was set for a $100,000.