Texas hip hop star shedding the pounds

HOUSTON The rising performer has already lost nearly a hundred pounds. How'd he do it? With determination and hard work

In his breakout hit music video, hip hop artist "Chalie Boy" rapped about looking good.

Lyrics of the song include, "I look fly. I look good! I look good! I look good! I look good!"

But in reality, he didn't feel that way. That's because, at 5-foot-5, the Hearne native was heavier than he'd ever been in his life.

"I got up to 305," he said. "So it was like, I need to do something."

Under the watch of trainer Ronnie Wilson, "Chalie Boy" began a rigorous workout routine, one that pushed his body to the limit and tested his resolve.

It's worked. Since January, he's lost almost 100 pounds.

"I feel lighter, more energetic," he said. "I feel a lot better about myself. And it's also pushed me in the light of that weight is just like mental stress on you."

"I put him on a strict diet," said Wilson. "When you know, when you take a guy who's used to eating whatever he wants to now saying, 'Look, you have to eat this and this and this at this time, at this time and at this time,' it's kind of hard. But like I say, one thing about him, he was a soldier about the situation."

Now "Chalie Boy" is showing off his new and improved physique in a new music video for his new release called, "Deja Blu"

But it's his debut single that comes to mind when friends and family see the trimmed-down hip hop star.

"Due to my, uh, breakout single, 'I Look Good', that's the main comment," he said.

"Chalie Boy" says he's not done yet. He wants to lose another 15 pounds to reach his target weight loss goal.

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