Ex-DPS workers convicted of selling driver's licenses

HOUSTON DPS Trooper Mark DeArza, 29, of Houston and 37-year-old DPS clerk Lidia Gutierrez, of Galena Park, both were convicted of conspiring to sell Texas driver's licenses to unqualified applicants.

The duo was caught in the act on at least two separate occasions making arrangements to sell the licenses during after the FBI began investigating a tip from a confidential source. A third suspect, 46-year-old gas station operator Maen Bittar, also is charged on accusations of serving as the middle man in the conspiracy. However, his trial is set to start later this month.

DeArza pleaded guilty Wednesday and Gutierrez entered his guilty plea on Thursday. Each now faces up to 15 years imprisonment and three years' probation. Each also faces up to a $250,000 fine.

Sentencing for DeArza and Gutierrez has been scheduled for January 7.

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