Contest could fund new home for foster kids

LIVERPOOL, TX The work has been constant -- a testament to what can happen when faith and resources collide. Builders Without Borders in Texas is a nonprofit group volunteering to rebuild this 8,000 square foot vacant house, turning it into a new home for children in Child Protective Services who've aged out of the care and have nowhere to go.

"I think it's important for the kids to know that someone cares about them and someone is committed to them," said Lori Saia with Builders Without Borders. "When they see volunteers come back again, that tells them that somebody cares about them."

One online vote at a time, Kidz Harbor is one step closer to paying for the renovation. The contest, offered by Pepsi, would award $250,000 and would guarantee enough money to complete the dream.

"We've giving them something they can use in their next life to show them there is a way to break the cycle. There is a way to further themselves and be productive adults," explained Sandra Beard with Kidz Harbor.

We first heard about Kidz Harbor in 2008 when they housed children taken during a polygamist ranch raid in west Texas.

Since then, they've grown out of their existing space. Winning the online contest is a dream on the verge of becoming a reality.

Angela Colbert with Kidz Harbor said, "We want to connect to these kids and have an everlasting effect on these kids."

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