New program developed for traffic 'calming'

HOUSTON The latter was suspended last year after the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3082, which required the governing body of a municipality to take specific actions prior to the installation of traffic calming devices.

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program will establish the procedure for application and review, approval, financing and construction of projects to minimize or eliminate traffic congestion, cut-through traffic or other traffic-related problems in a neighborhood area. The program differs from the previous program by clarifying the term "neighborhood area", expanding upon the previous program's eligibility requirements, complying with House Bill 3082 and its intent concerning notification and public hearing requirements, and requiring City Council approval on all projects that receive approval by the Public Works director.

"The neighborhood traffic management program will be ideal for certain neighborhoods in our city that tend to suffer from high volumes of cut-through traffic and speeders," said Council Member Al Hoang. "While I don't believe we should blanket the city with calming devices, I know many neighborhoods, especially older neighborhoods in my council district, will benefit from this."

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