Get great deals at restaurant supply stores

HOUSTON Ice makers, margarita machines and industrial stoves are just some of the items for sale at the Ace Mart Restaurant Supply near downtown Houston. If you are opening up your own restaurant, catering or vending service, everything you need is under one roof.

Thomas Sherman is launching a new a cookie business. Since he plans on baking dozens and dozens of cookies daily, he wants to have the best tools in his kitchen. That why he's shopping at a restaurant supply.

"It's a heavier gage, it's a better quality," Sherman said. "It's going to last longer and it is something that you will not pick up in your local grocery store."

Most restaurant supply stores are not just for entrepreneurs. The stores are actually open to the public.

John Haberstroh with Ace Mart Restaurant Supply explained, "Thirty percent of our customers ask if they can shop here, not knowing that we are open to the general public."

While you won't find department store brands, Haberstroh says you will find restaurant quality goods made to withstand the harsh abuse of the daily restaurant use.

So does heavy duty mean expensive? If you are looking for silverware, it's super cheap here. The store's number one seller of silverware is called Windsor. A dozen forks and a dozen spoons cost $1.98 for each set. A dozen steak knives sell for $5.98.

At the supply store a dozen pint glasses retail for$14.98. Similar ones at the department store will run you about 40 bucks. Heavy duty stainless steel frying pans range in price from $17.99 to $31.99, but if that seems too steep, remember these pans are industrial strength commercial quality.

There are more deals over at ABC Restaurant Equipment just off of Laura Koppe and the Eastex Freeway.

Business owner Mark Baldree said, "I am looking for some deals. That's why I came to this used place because I don't want to buy new."

Baldree is opening up a new vending business. ABC sells used items at half the price. Those pint glasses that were $14.98 a dozen at Ace Mart are less than half the price here at $6 a dozen.

But they also sell new stuff. Serving spoons and spatulas start at 79 cents and glasses start at 50 cents. Keep in mind that the more you buy, the better the deal.
The following restaurant supply stores in the Houston area are open to the public:

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Co
100 Cypresswood Dr. Suite 1200
Spring, TX 77388

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Co
6700 Gulf Freeway, Houston

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Co
5811 Chimney Rock Road, Houston

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Co
3500 Katy Freeway, Houston

Lane Equipment Co
2030 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX

Kitchen Depot
2118 Lamar Street
Houston, TX

Budget Restaurant Supply
8488 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX

ABC Restaurant Supply
3312 Laura Koppe Rd
Houston, TX

Cafe Mart
1629 West 34th Street
Houston, TX

Northwest Restaurant Supply
6955 West 43rd Street, Houston, TX

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