Marine's home trashed by burglars

HOUSTON Folks along his street are concerned. The Marine tells us he was actually able to find some of his stolen belongings.

Homeowners in the part of northwest Harris County called Copperfield are fed up about the crime here. One is a military veteran so disgusted by what happened to him that he called Eyewitness News asking for help.

At the Kilgore house in Copperfield they're changing the locks.

Homeowner Kevin Kilgore said, "It looked like a disaster."

Kevin says someone broke in Thursday, ransacking every room.

He said, "It looks like a storm came through."

Kevin figures the burglars spent hours inside, stealing TVs, laptops, and jewelry, tearing the home apart.

Kevin's wife Adre Kilgore said, "I never expected books to pulled out of shelves, our laundry to have been gone through, our clothes to be thrown of our dressers, the sheets to be torn off the mattress."

They even stole Kevin's dog tags. He's a Marine Corps veteran who served four years, including an eight month stint in Fallujah.

"It's disrespectful," Adre said.

On a whim Kevin came to a nearby apartment complex. He started rummaging through dumpsters looking for some of his things. He found an HDMI cable and other items which he says were his.

This is not the first break-in on this street. Neighbors say there have been at least six in the last nine months. Neighbor Angelica Ramirez just ordered burglar bars for her doors and windows.

"I'm a mother," she said. "I'm worried about the safety of my children."

For a guy who's seen a real war, Kevin says he's gearing up for a battle on the home front. Something, he says, has to be done to protect those living here.

"They came to the wrong house," he said. "We're not going to stop."

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