Can a website save money on your cell phone bill?

HOUSTON The website is called and literally within 60 seconds, it will analyze your cell phone bill and let you know if your plan is not working in your favor. The company says they have already saved their customers millions of dollars.

Cell phone customer Bill O'Malley said, "Fix my cell bill certainly fixed mine, it reduced it significantly."

When O'Malley heard about, he immediately tried out the service. In a matter of moments the website advised him on a better plan and the savings were big -- $725 a year in savings!

Tom Pepe and his partner run Validas, the parent company of They developed a program that would analyze cell phone bills for errors, disputes, and savings. The company says they work with individual accounts but also service small businesses, corporations and large organizations. In fact, the state of California is a client and over the last year the estimated savings were more than $25 million.

So how does the service work? It's simple First you'll have to create a free account at After you do that then you'll import your bill from your wireless provider. For this you will need to have your account registered online with your carrier.

"It takes about 30 seconds to use, go there, register, upload your bill or import it," Pepe said.

Then instantly, the website will give you what they call a "free-view" and tell you what your potential savings are plus offer you tips on reducing your bill.

Pepe said, "If you want to buy the full report and access the email function then we will charge you five dollars." For five dollars, you will get a detailed report of how you are using your voice minutes, text messages, and other details. You will also have access to a pre-typed email. The email has spelled out specific changes that thinks you should make right away to start saving money.

Pepe promised, "No more do you have to call your carrier or go into a store, simply use the tool, we give you the changes, we give you the discrepancy report, and it's a simple email you forward to your carrier."

For O'Malley the proof was in his bill. In one month he cut his bill by 60 bucks.

"I really don't care about the hows and whys," he said. "It just took my bill down from $175 to $110 to $115."

The five dollar charge is good for one detailed analysis. You can buy other plans for 10, 20 and 30 dollars. But you can check out your potential savings for free any time.

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