Woman crashes car after being shot while driving

Deputies say the woman was leaving her apartment on Mesa when someone starting shooting at her vehicle.

March 1, 2010 3:30:42 PM PST
A woman was shot in her car just moments after leaving her northeast Harris County apartment. Investigators want to know if she was targeted or if this is a case of mistaken identity. The ambush happened near the intersection of Mesa at Audubon Forest.

"This is where I was sitting," neighbor Wanda Warren showed us. "I had just moved from here and that's where the bullet hit."

Warren knows she is lucky. Not only did one of the stray bullets come into her apartment Sunday night. It also hit the very spot she was sitting just moments before.

"I could have been shot easily by somebody else's cowardly acts," she said.

The gunfire started just before midnight. Deputies say a woman was driving out of the apartment complex when, for some unknown reason, someone opened fire on her. Numerous bullets hit the driver's side door and window, severely injuring the woman.

A witness tells us, "All she was screaming for was for help. The only thing I could think of was let me go help this lady."

A good Samaritan eventually rolled up on the scene and drove the woman to a local gas station. From there, she was taken to the hospital in serious, but stable condition.

Back at the complex, neighbors soon discovered just how dangerous the shooting was.

"We came out here and we saw a bullet hole. It hit this window and came out of my side window," said resident Miranda Coleman.

Despite the barrage of bullets, no one other than the victim in the car was hurt, a fact that brings little comfort to Wanda Warren, who has a definite opinion about the person who did this.

"He's just a coward," she said. "He's not a man. Anyone who would shoot a woman and shoot into the community is a coward."

If you have any information in this case, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.