Yates hammers Lee in rematch, 125-26

January 31, 2010 5:28:40 AM PST
In high school basketball this season, the talk of the town is the Yates Lions. The defending Class 4A champs have won 45 straight games, but everyone's been talking about how badly they've been hammering everyone. The talk started earlier this year when they beat Lee by 135 points in a 170-35 victory on January 5. Well the same two teams met again Saturday at Delmar Fieldhouse. Although the final score doesn't reflect it, you have to give the Lee Generals some credit today. They never packed it in against Yates. The Lions, on the other hand, did pull back some.

Yates went up 20-0 on Darius Gardner's three-pointer. Yates head coach Greg Wise would empty his bench in the first quarter. Still the Lions led it 36-3 after only eight minutes.

"We probably didn't play our starters long enough to where I know they're going to be OK for next week, but with everything that was going on, we wanted to make sure that everybody knew what kind of kids we have and that kind of thing. I think we did a good job as far as that was concerned," said Coach Wise.

In the second quarter, the Jack Yates show got cranked up. Brandon Peters brought down the house with an alley-oop slam. Joe Young had a steal and jam and Yates backup Clyde Santee had a big slam. Yates up went up 71-8 at the halftime.

Yates would back off their zone press in the second half and Coach Wise would sit his starters in the fourth quarter. Yates ended up cruising to a 99-point victory 125-26.

The Yates fans wanted more while the Lee fans were happy with their team's effort. One fan held up a sign with the number 200 crossed out in reference to Yates' goal of putting up that amount of points the last time the teams played.

"It's basketball. They press and that's their game. We just need to learn how to break it," said Lee senior Sanjin Androk.

Coach Wise said, "I think they did a good job of playing hard, but still not doing things we normally do to where when it's time to play a good team, that we don't backslide instead of getting better every game."

So there was no record-breaking score against Lee this time as the Yates Lions rolled to their 46th straight victory.