Officer wounded, suspect killed in shooting

PASADENA, TX It all unfolded at around 5pm at the Dunkin Donuts near the intersection of East Southmore and Wafer. Pasadena police say they got a tip from the U.S. Marshal's Office that William Terral, 53, who was wanted for eight counts of sexual assault against children was inside.

Two Pasadena police officers responded. One stayed outside while a second officer went inside to confront the man believed to be Terral.

Once inside, investigators say the officer and the man he confronted exchanged gunfire. The officer who had been outside ran to the squad car to get a service rifle and fired through the window at the suspect.

The suspect went down. And while police say they fired three rounds at the suspect, they are investigating whether his wounds were self-inflicted.

"The shooter officer observed the suspect drop to the ground just before that officer fired," said Captain Bud Corbett with the Pasadena Police Department. "So I really don't exactly know what occurred there, but it is a possibility that the suspect dropped as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. "

The officer who confronted the suspect, we're told, was shot at least twice -- once in the chest and once in the arm. He was taken by medical helicopter to the hospital and is said to be doing well. His vest protected him from at least one of the bullets. He could be released later today.

Though police believe the suspect to be Terral, they can't be certain until positive identification is made. The identity of the officer hasn't yet been released, but we're told he's a rookie on the force.

This is the second Pasadena police officer to be shot in the line of duty this year. Back in August, /*Officer Jesse Hamilton*/ was responding to a disturbance call when police say Sergio Robles shot him to death. Robles was also shot, but survived. He's charged with capital murder.

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