Serial rapist still on the loose

HOUSTON If it wasn't bad enough that a serial rapist is on the loose in her neighborhood, then hearing what he wore during his latest attack has Kate Dawson that much more afraid.

"It's even scarier that he could be a medical professional and be dealing with patients every day," said Dawson.

Houston police confirm that the man responsible for beating and sexually assaulting three women in their southwest Houston apartments was wearing medical scrubs when he attacked his last victim. Although investigators don't know at this time whether it was part of a work uniform or simply clothes he found, that bit of information has people living here on high alert.

"People should still be aware that they need to be careful and they shouldn't just assume that just because they are wearing scrubs that they're going to be a safe, professional person," said resident Patricia Tan.

The attacks, which first began in early June, have all occurred within blocks of the Medical Center. In each of the cases, the victims have been home alone with the suspect getting in through an unlocked door.

Investigators say they have visited area hospitals to follow up on the clothing lead, but so far nothing has panned out. While police aren't sure how much a lead the medical scrubs are, some residents are glad to know a little more about the suspect.

"I think it at least helps for people to be wary of even things that they're used to, so for people that walk by, and even if you're used to seeing someone in scrubs go by every day, you still need to be cautious," said resident Chris Singh.

Police have taken DNA samples from 20 different men as they try to solve the case.

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