Judge ends probation for teen in deadly fight

September 18, 2009 3:05:02 AM PDT
A judge ended probation for the teenager who stabbed a gang leader during a Montrose fight in 2006. Ashley Benton, who is now 19, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after her trial in 2007 ended with a hung jury. Benton stabbed 14-year-old Gabriel Granillo, leader of an MS-13 gang, in the heart with a double-bladed knife during a gang fight at a Montrose park.

In her trial she had said that her stabbing of the gang member was in self defense because he was swinging a baseball bat at her during a melee in Chew Park. That trial ended in a hung jury that is where they struck the deal with the five-year probation.

After serving two years of probation, the judge granted the defense's wish to end the probation early Thursday morning.

"Although, I have concerns about your present employment situation and whether or not you will seek higher education -- I see no reason to keep you on probation," said Harris County Judge Kevin Fine. "You having fulfilled the obligations agreed upon your attorneys and the state. Therefore, the order of this course of the motion for early termination is hereby granted."

Benton is now done with probation after serving only two years of probation. She walked out the courtroom Thursday accompanied by her attorneys.

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