Three Katy ISD coaches investigated

KATY, TX The men from Morton Ranch High School are facing allegations they broke district policy and possibly misused funds. Katy ISD says it's opening an investigation into the claims.

The allegations there have people talking. Among them is the wife of Head Coach Scott Svendsen, who denies her husband did anything wrong.

"As far as the allegations made, absolutely he did not do them," said Krista Svendsen.

According to Katy ISD, Coach Svendsen, along with defensive coordinator Cody Haug and offensive coordinator Jeremy Orsagh, are being investigated on allegations pertaining to student records, possible misuse of funds and athletic ability.

"Depends on where the allegations came from," said parent Tiffany Kachura. "It could be an upset parent. It could have validity to it. But I'm very sure our school system and school distinct are looking into it and will take care of it."

Coach Svendsen took over Morton Ranch team last season, leading the Mavericks to a 6-4 record, which included a five-game winning streak.

While the district refused to comment specifically about the allegations, one former player we spoke with recalls the coaches did have high expectations.

"High expectations for going 0-10 the year before," said former player Collin Espindola. "They wanted to win."

Katy ISD says assistant Athletic Director Todd McVey will serve as interim coach and campus athletic coordinator.

This is the second athletic scandal to hit Morton Ranch in the past year. Last summer, seven former varsity cheerleaders were accused of hazing JV cheerleaders by tying them up, shoving them in a pool and forcing them to wear urine-soaked underwear on their head.

The accused cheerleaders agreed to perform community service and write letters of apology to avoid a trial.

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