Mom, daughter shot in broad daylight

HOUSTON The daughter was pronounced dead at the scene while the mother is in the hospital, expected to recover from her injuries.

Investigators say they know who the killer is. They say he is the victim's ex-boyfriend, Selestino Torres, and they need your help finding him.

The family tells us Michelle Lira, 23, was shot and killed inside the family's white Hummer and that her mother was shot too, just feet from their front door near Blue Castle and Whitchurch around 7am Monday morning.

Investigators say both victims were leaving their home on their way to work when they were approached by Torres. He made several attempts to talk with Lira through an open window as the Hummer backed out of the driveway.

After refusing to speak with him, Torres produced a handgun and shot into the vehicle several times striking both victims.

One eyewitness, who didn't want to be identified, says she saw Torres reach into the white Hummer, then open fire through the front passenger window.

"I saw the wounded female in the front and her mother beside her. She was panicking and crying, she said, 'My daughter's been shot! My daughters been shot! She's bleeding from everywhere,'" said the eyewitness.

Another eyewitness corroborates that story.

"He went up to the window and was talking to them and shot ten times. Seven in the car, three outside the car," said another eyewitness Bobby Williams.

Eyewitnesses say Torres fled on foot and was picked up down the street by another vehicle and driven away.

An eyewitness describes that vehicle as a gray Toyota Tundra, displaying Texas plate 80H-XL8.

The suspect is an Hispanic man, about 5'9", 280-300 pounds with the words 'Big Boy' tattooed on his left forearm.

Authorities haven't yet identified him publicly.

The family says the mother, Ramona Gomez, 46, was shot seven times, but is in stable condition at Ben Taub Hospital.

No word yet on what precipitated the shooting. Those living in the neighborhood do tell us the ex-boyfriend used to lived here with the family and that he recently was kicked out of the house.

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