Robert Fratta's kids testify against him

HOUSTON Now /*Robert Fratta*/ is facing the death penalty. The punishment phase in his capital murder trial continues in downtown Houston.

Amber Baquer was eager to take the stand. At 19 years old, she is Robert Fratta's youngest child. Throughout her testimony, she referred to her father as Bob, saying the night of her mother's murder...

"I have memories of eating with Bob and my brothers. I remember Bob getting a phone call," she testified.

Amber was four years old when her mother died, killed by two hit men hired by Roert Fratta. Amber and brothers Daniel and Bradley were raised by their maternal grandparents. Amber testified she has visited her father only once and that was last year.

"I was hoping for him to fess up, but I knew it wouldn't happen. she said. "It was frustrating. Seeing his daughter break down and crying, I thought he would have some sort of emotion. He didn't. It was really frustrating."

Her older brother, Daniel Baquer, took the stand telling the jury he visited Fratta in jail two years ago and didn't care to go back. Robert Fratta looked down when Daniel testified.

"There's been times I wish I had my mom," he testified. "I wish I had a dad, too."

Amber and Daniel didn't testify in Fratta's first trial. Their last name had been Fratta, but changed it to their maternal grandparents, Baquer.

The jury also heard from Jerry Parker, a former Missouri City fireman and co-worker of Fratta. Parker described Fratta as a man who routinely sexually harassed women and talked about his sex life.

Dr. Lawrence Abrams is a psychologist who interviewed Robert and Farah Fratta during their divorce proceedings in 1994. He diagnosed Robert Fratta as, "narcissistic with masochistic behavior."

The prosecution rested its case. The defense will begin calling witnesses Tuesday morning.

This is the second time /*Fratta*/ has been convicted of killing his wife. The first conviction from 1995 was tossed out on appeal.

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