Co-worker: building was 'not safe'

April 14, 2009 9:21:15 PM PDT
The two survivors of a building collapse off the Gulf Freeway near Griggs in southeast Houston were pulled out of the rubble within an hour of the collapse. The first man collapsed shortly after he was pulled out, while the other was taken away on a stretcher. [PHOTOS: See images from Tuesday's building collapse]
[VIEW BLDG. SCHEMATIC: See the blueprints]
[MAP: See location of accident]
[IMAGE: What the motel looked like before]

Eyewitness News spoke to a co-worker of the victims who says they complained the building was unsafe.

Eduardo Ramirez works at the construction site, but he was not there today. Ramirez says the building that collapsed was dangerous.

"It was not safe. Sometimes we had to get out because it would rumble and start swaying. There was a problem," said Ramirez.

When Ramirez learned of the accident, he immediately called one of his friends at the job site, but that friend did not answer his cell phone. Ramirez then learned his friend and co-worker had been injured and sent to Ben Taub Hospital.

"He's here (at the hospital). He's not at home. I called my boss and he's not answering his phone, so I came here to find out what was going on," said Ramirez.

The other injured worker from the job site was sent to St. Joseph Hospital. Officials have not released any further information on either man.

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