Notes found in 'Baby Grace' case discussed

January 29, 2009 4:02:50 PM PST
It's day three of testimony in the Kimberly Trenor murder trial. This morning, we heard from more investigators, detailing what they found in the home of the mother, who's accused of beating her two-year-old daughter to death.[TRIAL BLOG: Deborah Wrigley is blogging from the courthourse]
[PHOTOS: Images from 'Baby Grace' trial]

Kimberly Trenor's defense is trying to convince a jury that her daughter's death was a discipline lesson that spun out of control.

Prosecutors say Trenor and her husband, Royce Clyde Zeigler II, tortured Riley Ann Sawyers to death in July 2007 while disciplining her. Sawyers was known as "Baby Grace" until her remains were identified.

Some of the notebooks that were found were reviewed as evidence. Authorities went through the pages, even the ones that weren't written on. The FBI investigateed the indentations on the blank pages that were possibly the result of writings on sheets on top.

It appears that there was something written on a page on one of those notebooks by Trenor that said in part, 'There is nothing left. I can't live with myself.'

A sergeant is back on the stand today. The sergeant was testifying for the Galveston County Sheriff's Office. He took the stand yesterday, explaining small details about gathering information for the investigation.

He recalls taking mouth swabs from Trenor and said that swabs were also taken from Riley's biological father in order to identify the girl.

Investigators also took writing samples from both Trenor and her Zeigler. The writing samples were connected to the notebooks that were found. Written in one of those notebooks were some rules for Riley that appear to be part of the evidence. An FBI analyst testified Zeigler wrote rules 1 through 6 and Trenor the remainder. Included as "Rules for Riley:"

1) Being polite
2) Listen to mom and me
3) Sleep at 8pm
4) Nap at 2pm
5) Toys stay in her room
6) Puts toys back where she got them
7) Behaves in public
8) Never alone in our room
9) Chocolate cake or treats only as reward

The prosecution also released two hand-written letters reportedly from Zeigler. The first was an undated suicide letter, reading, "To whom it may concern, I, Royce Zeigler II, leave my property to Kimberly Trenor Zeigler, my wife. I take my own life because of guilt for past sins which I have confessed before I took my life. My wife, Kimberly Zeigler, is innocent and lived in fear with me because of thoughts of what I would do to her. Also, my family can burn in hell for the stress they've caused when I take my own life. "

Zeigler signed the letter. Neither Zeigler nor Trenor killed themselves, but Zeigler did turn on Trenor.

According to a jailhouse letter written to a relative, he wrote in part, "I wouldn't worry, the evidence we have is so good that the whole case will be torn down and the truth will shine. As soon as this is done, I'm divorcing that pain of a wife of mine... They found out my wife is a sociopath, and they still hold me on that BS story of hers."

Trenor faces life prison without parole if convicted of capital murder.

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