Teachers busted for drugs - again

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This is the ninth drug arrest of an HISD employee since beginning of the month. And it's the second bust for the two teachers arrested today.

A drug sniffing dog helped police find drugs in the cars of two teachers in the parking lot of the old Concord elementary school building. It's the second time in a matter of weeks that the very same dog busted the very same teachers.

"I think we've known all along that drugs do impair your judgment at times," said HISD Police Asst. Chief Robert Mock.

Gabriel Moseley was arrested today for allegedly possessing pot in a drug free zone. Gina Thomas was also arrested for possessing hydrocodone.

"Well, I would say it's a lack of good judgment," Mock said.

Both teachers had been reassigned here -- Moseley after being busted with drugs at M.C. Williams Middle School, and Thomas following her arrested at Wheatley High School. The campus here now used as district administrative offices and a fifth and sixth grade charter school.

Police were running a sweep here today at the request of the principal who asked for the search well before the two teachers were reassigned here a few weeks ago. Parents are baffled by the incident.

Pennie Anderson said, "That's not right. They're supposed to be here to help the students, not harm the students."

Some are now calling for the teachers to be fired, even though the district says they had no contact with children here.

"I don't have any children in school. But if I had some, I wouldn't want them involved with my children," said Earnistine Bradford.

The district says it has no written policy describing what happens if a teacher is arrested twice for possessing drugs on campus. But a spokesperson says generally that we could expect the employees to eventually be terminated.

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