Judge makes ruling on kids found in filth

HOUSTON Less than three hours after that judge allowed Children's Protective Services to retain custody of his four children, Corey Burist was back at the apartment where authorities found them home alone left in what they described as deplorable conditions.

"I don't stay here," said Burist. "Usually when I come here, everything is fine. I'd been in the hospital for a week so i hadn't been around."

While Burist says he has talked to the children's mother, he would not elaborate, only to say that she is remorseful.

"she's just doing what she needs to do," said Burist.

Wednesday morning, Burist and is attorney made no attempt to fight CPS as a caseworker described in great detail what she saw.

"The house was filthy. There were live and dead maggots in the refrigerator, freezer, and on the floor. Old spoiled food was left on the stove. The house was cluttered with toys, shoes and trash," said CPS case worker Karen Preston.

"It looks like this was a pattern that they were often left home alone," said Estella Olguin with CPS. "Looks like the 7-year-old was often left in the position to having to care for siblings."

While Burist believes foster care may be the best place for his children now, he's not giving up.

"I am just trying to get my kids back," he said. "That's all I can say right now at this time."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has been working with the district attorney to determine what charges are appropriate in this case.

Burist maintains he wasn't aware of the conditions inside the apartment, but CPS says they must have known if he visited the children as much as he says he did.

The next court date was set for September 4.

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