Protestors call for sheriff to step down

HOUSTON About 100 people were in attendance at the Harris County Jail around 5pm. The group organized by The Coalition for Justice then marched down to the sheriff's headquarters. Protestors are calling for the immediate resignation of Sheriff Tommy Thomas. They say he is unfit for office.

You've heard about these charges before on Eyewitness News. You've also heard the group's other charges about the special intelligence unit or the so called secret squad that allegedly spied on the Ibarra brothers in the midst of their lawsuit against the city. The group is also highlighting an issue inside of the jail saying it's been dangerous for some inmates, pointing to one case in which an inmate died nine days after getting into an altercation with a guard.

The Department of Justice is investigating the Harris County Jail and protestors say someone should take the jail over as that is going on. They also say Sherriff Thomas should leave right now.

"We're asking for some law enforcement officers to come into this building and clean out the crooks wearing blue uniforms and badges," says community activist Quanell X.

Saying it is not enough for Thomas to leave, Quanell X adds whoever takes this office should remove the many people who work levels below the sheriff.

The sheriff says he respects the group's right to assemble outside of his office, but he doesn't agree with its conclusion and has no intention to resign.

You may remember 13 Undercover won a big lawsuit against the sheriff's department, forcing it to release thousands of emails.

In April, a judge ruled Sheriff Tommy Thomas illegally ordered 700,000 emails from the department deleted. The emails have since been recovered and given to us. Reporter Wayne Dolcefino and the 13 Undercover department have been reading through all the emails over the past few weeks. They have uncovered some that are racially offensive.

Wayne is working to bring you reports on that this Wednesday and Thursday. Keep it on Eyewitness News for the latest developments.

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