Fiancee of Joe Horn shooting victim speaks out

HOUSTON Last November, /*Joe Horn*/ fatally shot two men who allegedly burglarized his neighbor. That controversial killing has put justice in the Houston area under the national microscope.

The workings of the grand jury are secret, but the fiancée of one of the shooting victims wanted to be nearby if or when the grand jury made a decision on the case.

Activist Quanell X and Stephanie Storey arrived at the grand jury offices this morning. Storey is the fiancée of Miguel De Jesus, one of two men shot by Horn during the burglary in Pasadena.

Storey has not been asked to testify, but wants to make her presence felt and knows how she would like to see this case resolved.

"Just that he does some time," she said. "I want him to do time."

Storey and Quanell X say they believe a failure to indict Horn would send the wrong message to Harris County and the country, turning the county into the wild, wild west. Quanell X says he'll march in protest if they don't indict.

Horn has stated through his attorney that shooting was in self-defense.

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