Teen shot by Pasadena police officer

PASADENA, TX The shooting happened at the 13-year-old's home at around 3am. Two other teens have been taken into custody.

The sound of gunfire generated 911 calls from people in a Pasadena neighborhood, and a visit from police to one home.

Elisabeth Silva is one of the neighbors close by who heard the shots.

"I think there was more than 20," she recalled. "When I woke up there were three. Then it started again, like six, and three. There was a lot."

Police finally narrowed the sound of the gunfire to a house at the corner of Wren and Heron. A handful of officers approached from the back.

"The officers that were at the back of the house reported having heard multiple shots," explained Pasadena Police Department Captain Bud Corbett. "They could actually hear the shots penetrating the back fence of the residence, ripping through the trees in the vicinity where the officers were."

Two more officers approached from the front, and spotted someone, who would turn out to be a 13-year-old boy, with a weapon.

Capt. Corbett told Eyewitness News, "He was actually still in the process of discharging rounds when the officer approached. The officer, with his weapon drawn, drew down on the suspect, told him to drop the gun, and apparently the suspect turned toward him with the gun still elevated. The officer responded to that with three or four rounds of gunfire."

The teen was critically wounded. He was taken to an area hospital by Life Flight.

Police say one of the teens taken into custody was drunk and kicked out a window of a patrol car.

Investigators spent much of the morning collecting evidence, still trying to piece together how this happened. The officer involved in the shooting is an eight-year veteran. An investigation has been launched by the Pasadena Police internal affairs division and the district attorney's office, as is standard procedure.

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