Students catch teacher with pants down

HOUSTON As many as five students apparently witnessed what happened at the North Shore campus yesterday.

Fernando Gonzalez appeared in court early this morning as the judge informed him he was being held on two counts of possession of child pornography. His bail was set for $20,000 for each charge.

Investigators say he is the teacher students saw through a window of a classroom fondling himself as he looked at inappropriate images on a computer screen. The district says it responded to the allegations as quickly as possible.

"We take it very seriously and that's why we do thorough investigation," said Asst. Superintendent Bourke Meagher with Galena Park ISD. "So we accept all complaints and all reports of innappropriate or certainly if it were illegal contact on face value when first made."

It's very concerning because we see so much in the schools now -- even teachers going with our children. That is very concerning and that bothers me a lot.," said parent Toni Swanson.

The teacher is on administrative leave. He was immediately escorted off campus after the allegations were made.

While in court, Gonzalez asked for a court appointed attorney.

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