Can you see Jesus in this Cheeto?

HOUSTON A couple of years ago, the youth director at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church in Houston was snacking in the church youth offices when he noticed an odd-shaped Cheeto. Upon further inspection, Steve Cragg determined he could see a familiar image of Jesus in the shape of the cheese curl.

One of the church youth named the item in question 'Cheesus.'

'Cheesus' has remained on a bookcase in Cragg's office since its discovery.

"I do not think that God makes Cheetos that look like Jesus or creates images of Himself on screen doors. I do know that God reveals Himself to us in a zillion different ways," Cragg said. "Seeing the image of Christ in a Cheeto means that I was able to imagine it. God's creation is full of signs and things that can and do remind us of Him."

Cragg was moved to share a photo of 'Cheesus' with others in anticipation and honor of Easter.
Return of Cheesus?

Another family thinks they've spotted the image of Jesus in a Cheeto as well. Watch the story of their discovery in May 2009.

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