Macy's to close its doors at Sharpstown

HOUSTON That has some shoppers wondering what that means for security there.

Shoppers filed into the Sharpstown Macy's store just as it opened Saturday, hoping to catch one last good deal on the last day of business.

"I used to, when there were lots of stores, I used to come a lot," said one customer we spoke with.

That woman didn't want us to reveal her name, but had no problem telling us as the store closes, she's a little concerned it's taking its entire staff with it.

"Yeah, a little bit, as the stores are going away, there are not so many people over here," said the customer.

We've made more than one request to talk with mall management or security personnel, following the two violent attacks on customers in recent weeks. Those customers were punched, stabbed and robbed. The mall has declined each request for an interview.

"Personally me, I wouldn't have a concern with it, but I know females might come up here with children, or young kids, and that would be a dangerous situation for them," said shopper Lachance Murray.

Shopper Sheryl Braxton tells Eyewitness News she feels safer obviously during the day than she does at night. She's hoping mall security is looking out for her, but she won't count on it. She'll be looking out for herself.

"I try to park close as I can. Hopefully security is riding back and forth," said Braxton. "I really don't feel safe here, but since I'm early in the morning, so hopefully that's, that's a good thing."

Police made an arrest earlier this week in two stabbings at the mall. Adrian Hawkins, 22, faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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