Obama, Clinton begin Houston blitz

February 18, 2008 9:19:51 PM PST
Get ready for the Democratic blitz on Houston. Both Senators Clinton and Obama opened campaign offices in the Bayou City Monday. Our political experts have said it before and they're saying it again. The Hispanic vote is crucial in the Democratic race.

Thirty-two percent of the primary voters are Hispancs, so they're going to weigh in heavily on the election. Today at the opening of her Houston campaign headquarters, Hillary Clinton received support from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as well as former HUD secretary Henry Cisneros.

Political analysts say Clinton has a slight edge in Latino voters here in Texas, partly because of the popularity of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

But Senator Barack Obama is also seeking Latino voters. During the opening of his offices today, he also drew high level Latinos to the Houston area, including special assistant to Bill Clinton, Frank Sanchez, who is now in town supporting Obama.

"I have nothing against Senator Hillary Clinton," said Sanchez. "She's a very good Senator, she's a very smart person, and will make a very good president. I just think that there's a special opportunity for us in electing Barack Obama."

"On March 4 when the votes are counted from Texas, Houston, Texas is going to bring Hillary Clinton on top," said Cisneros at a rally Monday. "We're going to win Texas and we're going to Ohio and we're going to put her on the road to the Democratic nomination."

Though the Hispanic vote is very important, there's also the African-American vote. There's a large African-American vote here in Texas, as well.