Juror in Medina case speaks out again

January 20, 2008 8:56:13 PM PST
Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina is no longer facing charges after an arson fire at his home. But one of the jurors who indicted him has something new to say to the judge's attorney.The juror has delivered a biting open letter to the attorney and to the media. Thursday, Medina and his wife Franchesca were indicted on tampering and arson charges for a fire that torched their home in Spring. Medina said he'd done nothing wrong.

On Friday, the Harris County District Attorney's Office dropped the charges, citing lack of evidence and that made some of the jurors furious. Tonight, one of them who has already spoken out is handing out the letter.

The lawyer for Justice Medina asked a judge to sanction two grand jurors for talking about the secret proceedings.

In what could be described as a scathing letter, grand juror Bob Ryan gives Terry Yates a tongue lashing, blasting Justice David Medina's attorney for making what he calls outlandish statements during Friday's news conference.

"Your allegations of a vendetta are reprehensible and I am personally offended. Your action of filing a motion for sanctions against Mr. (Jeffrey) Dorrell and me is laughable as our comments clearly steer clear of violating our oath of secrecy of the proceedings," said Ryan in the letter.

"Mr. Ryan and Mr. Dorrell are the ones out there stirring the pot and breaking the law," said Medina's attorney, Terry Yates.

Yates read the letter and says it's ironic that Ryan, who talked to Eyewitness News on Friday, is talking yet again, this time through a letter sent to the Houston Chronicle.

He and Jeffrey Dorrell were among the 12 who indicted Medina and his wife. Both men are furious that prosecutors dropped the charges less than 24 hours later. They allege a cover-up.

Ryan writes the following:

    "Comments like yours serve only to impugn the integrity of the twelve citizens of Harris County who have given up considerable amounts of their time to ensure justice is done."

    "These are not twelve hicks from Mayberry USA who just rode into town on the turnip wagon."

"I love grand juries. I think they do a tremendous job. They have a tremendous function in the system," said Yates. "It was predetermined in the sense that there was not sufficient evidence that Judge Medina did anything wrong and for them to indict, this case anyway, it just shows they had an agenda."

Ryan declined our request for an on camera interview. Tonight, it's unclear whether the Chronicle will publish his letter. Meantime, Yates has asked a judge to set a hearing as to why Ryan and Dorrell should not be held in contempt.

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