Pilot makes emergency landing on road

January 19, 2008 7:23:11 PM PST
A pilot got a scare in the air and he's forced to put his plane down on a street.The pilot put the plane down off Cypressbend and Lookout Ridge near Lake Conroe this morning. Ronny Houston, 50, says he heard some popping in one of the wings after he took off from Montgomery County Airport. So he had to find a place to put it down.

One couple says the plane was aimed right at their house. They were worried it might crash into it.

"She started yelling 'I hear an airplane' and she looked out the window and it had already landed on the street," said an eyewitness we spoke with.

The plane stopped in a yard. The pilot wasn't hurt. The FAA will now determine how the plane will be moved.

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