Forest Brook High reopens today

HOUSTON Administrators had promised students they would try their best to have Forest Brook seniors graduate from Forest Brook this year. A lot of students said they were skeptical, but this morning, that skepticism is put aside. Students are coming back to their home school after spending half the school year on another campus.

It began last summer when Forest Brook High School was severely vandalized. Two former Forest Brook students were arrested for causing the damage by flooding part of the school. It caused over a $1 million and took several months to repair the damage.

Surveillance video led police to Demond Demouchet and his younger brother, a juvenile, whose name is protected by the court. The older Demouchet has been free on bond for criminal mischief.

During this school year, Forest Brook students were sent to Smiley High School to attend classes, a concern for administrators who acknowledged a rivalry between the two schools.

North Forest ISD says bus routes are the same for all students zoned to Forest Brook.

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