Alvin Antique center offers acres of unique merchandise

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- Welcome to 55,000 square feet of nostalgia! You may walk in here for one thing, but you are going to leave with something else that catches your eye!

"It can be overwhelming when you walk in the door, we started 17 years ago," said Gayle Gust, Co-owner of Alvin Antique Center and Marketplace. "We have over 300 dealers, each booth reflects their personality."

The Alvin Antique Center and Marketplace has so much to offer. It's full of old and new, restored and up-cycled items each with their own history.

"I live in Seabrook, but I drive to Alvin to shop at this antique store. I always find something that I want or think I want, or actually what I need," said shopper Merlyn Brown.

"They're not going online and getting instant gratification, they are going to have to look. They forget about their troubles and they enjoy themselves, "Gust said. "I enjoy having them and that makes my day."

For shoppers like Lorie, it's a walk down memory lane

"Oh my gosh, how cute. I had this lunch kit in the fifth grade, my mom got me that lunch box. I have goosebumps," Lorie Carter said as she shopped.

It's also an opportunity for dealers to have a permanent home to sell their merchandise.

"They walk into my booth and they just start giggling because it pokes fun at yourself and everybody gifts that you can give at birthdays, anniversaries, and makes people smile," JoAnn Prowell, Shop Owner.

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