Surprise guest: Gator hides out in family's driveway in Sugar Land

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Thursday, May 17, 2018
Alligator under car in Sugar Land
A surprise guest showed up to a family's home in Sugar Land: an alligator.

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- This isn't the kind of surprise you want to find in your driveway.

A 7-foot alligator was tucked under a family's SUV in Sugar Land overnight, and it appeared that it didn't want to leave.

They called Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies who had to bring in reinforcements to wrangle the reptile.

"Gator Chris" Stephens with the Texas Gator Squad assisted, and after twisting, turning and thrashing from the gator, it was finally pulled from under the vehicle and released into the Brazos River.

Why did this one end up in someone's driveway? It was apparently on the prowl.

"They go up this time of year. Gators travel a lot at night, going from pond to pond, looking for girlfriends, food, setting up time for mating. That's all that they're doing," Stephens said.

The urge to take pictures of the gator or go near it may be tempting for some, but experts say that's the last thing you should do.

Authorities recommend calling wildlife experts to safely remove alligators.

WATCH: Raw video of gator's rescue and release back into the wild

Raw video of alligator capture and release in Sugar Land

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