Bus driver saves the day after cupcake catastrophe

CRESSONA, PA (KTRK) -- A simple picture of Halloween cupcakes might seem like a sweet treat, but the story behind them is even sweeter.

The cupcakes were baked by Michele Yob, a school bus driver, to help a rider who was having a rough start to her day.

Fourth-grader Farrah Heim got on Yob's school bus last Monday morning, excited for her class' Halloween party and toting two dozen homemade cupcakes for her classmates.

But as Heim was boarding the bus, the girl behind her tripped, knocking all of the cupcakes onto the ground.

Heim burst into tears, and Yob knew she had to do something. Between bus routes, she dashed home to cook two dozen more cupcakes to replace Heim's lost load.

Just before the party was scheduled to begin, Yob returned to school, fresh cupcakes in hand.

Touched by the gesture, Heim and her classmates presented Yob with a handmade note addressed to 'The Bus Driver That Saved The Day.'

"When she came on the bus and handed me this and I read it, I cried. It was cute, all the kids signed it," Yob told WNEP-TV.

The school's principal shared Heim and Yob's story on Facebook, where it went viral.
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