Atlantic hurricane forecast: Experts predict first above-normal season in 3 years

This hurricane season is predicted to be above-normal with 14 named storms forecasted for the Atlantic basin.

"Of those [predicted storms], eight are anticipated to become hurricanes and four major hurricanes. Overall, it's likely this season will be more active than in the past three years, so anyone living along the coast should be on alert," according to AccuWeather.

How active the season becomes will be influenced by whether there is a transition from an El Nino pattern into a La Nina, and weather experts believe that transition is likely. A La Nina would decrease wind shear and lead to an above-normal season.

"There's even more information now strongly suggesting that there's at least a 75 to 80 percent chance that we will go into a La Nina pattern," said expert senior meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.

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